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Thesis & Dissertation Information

The Graduate College highly recommends that dissertation/thesis defenses and comprehensive exam meetings take place remotely via Zoom or Teams until further notice. If those meetings do take place in person, the university’s social distancing requirements must be followed, guests may not attend in person, and anyone with an approved accommodation must be allowed to participate remotely.

This is a one-stop-shop for your thesis and dissertation success. Have specific questions? Contact us at


If you are completing a thesis, please review the resource guides.

You are also encouraged to refer to the Thesis Requirements for a Master's Degree page in the Graduate Catalog for more information regarding your thesis:

  • ​thesis proposal
  • thesis enrollment and credit
  • thesis deadlines and approval process


If you are completing a dissertation, please review the resources guides.

You are also encouraged to refer to the Dissertation Requirements for Doctoral Degrees page in the Graduate Catalog for more information regarding your dissertation:

  • advancement to candidacy*
  • dissertation committee
  • dissertation proposal and defense
  • dissertation enrollment and credit
  • dissertation deadlines and approval process

*The requirements for advancement can be found in your program's section of the Graduate Catalog.