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Required Documents

Standard Required Documents

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  • All applicants requiring an F-1 Student Visa must complete the online application.

  • Application fees based on the application type submitted to The Graduate College and are paid at the time of submission of the application. Applications will not be reviewed until all of the applicable fees are paid.

    You can submit the required, nonrefundable application fee with credit/debit card information during the online application process.

    Application Type

    Application Fee

    Degree-seeking $90.00 USD
    Teacher Certification,
    Certificate Program,
    Certification Program
    $60.00 USD

      Graduate Exchange Students will not be required to submit any fees for admission. Please review Graduate Exchange Student for more information

  • Enrollment Requirements*
    In order to enroll, our office requires the following documents:

    • one official, university-sealed transcript (including all marks sheets) from every university attended in the native language
    • (if the native language is not English) one certified English translation of every transcript (including all marks sheets) from every university attended 

    Academic records (full transcripts, including mark sheets) must be submitted directly to The Graduate College by post in an envelope sealed by the university. The records must be recognized by the appropriate bodies of that country and must include official stamps, seals, and/or signatures from the university’s Registrar or Controller of Examinations. These documents must be printed on university letterhead in order to be considered official.

    Evaluations and Translations
    We will evaluate and conduct grade conversions for all international transcripts (including marks sheets); therefore, you are not required to submit any transcript evaluations (only translations are needed if your transcripts are issued in a language other than English).

    If the international university issues transcripts (including all marks sheets) in English, you only need to provide one official, university-sealed transcript. However, if the international university issues transcripts in a language other than English, you must also provide a second, certified translation into English. We accept translations from certified translators with accompanying documentation. If you have questions, please email

    Applicants Currently Enrolled in a Degree Program
    If you have not yet completed your degree program, you are required to submit your most recent transcripts (including all marks sheets) directly to our office. For example, if your bachelor's program is four years in length, you must submit transcripts and marks sheets up to your seventh semester (Year 4, Semester 1) at minimum. If you are admitted into a graduate program at Texas State, you will be required to submit your final transcripts, marks sheets, and degree statements by the end of your first semester of enrollment.

    *In order to complete your application, you can submit copies of your complete academic record (including marks sheets, transcripts, and diploma supplements, etc.) in the formats listed above. However, if you are admitted, you will need to provide your official transcripts (including all marks sheets) in order to register for classes.

    You must upload copies of your official transcripts (not print-outs, grade reports, advising transcripts or transcripts stamped "unofficial") during the online application.

    Submitting Official Transcripts:
    If credit has been granted from an international institution (educational institutions outside of the U.S.), transcripts must be mailed directly to The Graduate College from the institution. Transcripts sent via mail must be sealed in a university envelope with the university registrar's signature on the back of the envelope.

    Texas State University
    The Graduate College
    601 University Drive
    San Marcos, TX 78666-4684

  • The Graduate College requires two copies of official diplomas or degree certificates: one in the native language of the university and one certified translation into English. Certificates must include:

    • the type of degree earned
    • the date the degree had been awarded
    • all official stamps, seals, and/or signatures from the university’s Registrar or Controller of Examinations Office

    Special Circumstances

    • Applicants with credentials from India may submit a provisional certificate of completion in place of their final degree certificate.
    • Applicants with credentials from China must submit a copy of both their graduation certificate(s) and their degree certificate(s), each in the native language and translated into English.
    • Applicants currently studying in the final year of a degree program will not be required to submit a copy of their final degree statement/certificate of completion. However, if admitted, the degree statement will be required by the end of the first semester of enrollment at Texas State.
  • The Graduate College requires submission of official English proficiency scores. See English Proficiency Requirements for more information on the tests and scores required for admission.

Program-specific Required Documents 

Post-admission Documents