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Applicants must submit all required documents, including all transcripts, test scores, and program-related documents) to The Graduate College before the deadline. Deadlines are set earlier in the year so that enough time is given for the program to review all application materials thoroughly and for adequate processing time of an admitted students' immigration documents.

The chart below reflects the general application deadlines for applicants requiring immigration documents (like the F-1 student visa). Some programs have earlier deadlines or only allow admission during certain semesters. Please review the program’s admission deadlines on the appropriate program requirements web page.

Semester Start Month–End Month Deadline
Fall August–December June 1
Spring January–May October 1
Summer I* June March 15
Summer II July No Admission

*Note: In order to maintain legal immigration status while studying at Texas State University, international applicants will be required to enroll full-time (nine graduate-level hours) each semester, including summer semesters. Since there are fewer courses offered during the summer and maintaining immigration status may be more difficult, The Graduate College highly recommends applicants to apply for fall or spring semesters. As an alternative, the program’s graduate advisor may recommend international students to enroll in courses outside of their degree program in order to maintain their immigration status.