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After Admission

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  • International students are eligible to apply for scholarships at Texas State University; however, scholarships are highly competitive and limited. Information regarding the scholarships offered by The Graduate College can be found on the Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships website. For all other types of financial assistance, please visit Financial Aid and Scholarships.

      International students are not eligible to receive U.S. federal financial aid.

  • Texas State University’s International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides a variety of services to international students and scholars currently enrolled or employed at Texas State University. The primary responsibility of the office is to act as the official international student advisor for all visa and immigration-related issues. An orientation is held with each new student to determine needs and to answer questions about their success at Texas State. The office is a continuing source of information, advising/counseling, and social services relevant to international students.

  • University policy requires all international students on non-immigrant visas to have health insurance coverage while attending Texas State University.

    • International students must purchase the Blue Cross Blue Shield student health plan endorsed by the university.
    • Students must purchase the health insurance directly through Academic Health Plans.
    • Students with existing health insurance plans may qualify for a waiver. Qualifying plans can be found via the link below.

    Detailed information with instructions on how to purchase the health insurance or submit documents to request a waiver will be sent to international students by the Student Health Center. The health insurance plan must be purchased or a waiver approved prior to the start of classes. Questions about the international student health insurance requirement should be directed to the Student Health Center at 512.245.2161.

  • F-1 student visa holders are not permitted to work outside of campus without authorization from the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

    F-1 student visa holders are eligible for on-campus employment, although these positions are extremely competitive and limited. Certain departments employ international students as Teaching Assistants (TA), Research Assistants (RA), or Instructional Assistants (IA). Students should contact their department/program of interest for more information regarding assistantship opportunities.

    For those selected to work on-campus as a graduate assistant, please note the following per the Code of Federal Regulations 8 CFR 214.2(f) and Texas State University policy: UPPS No. 07.07.06:

    1. F-1 students must not exceed 20 hours a week employment on campus while school is in session during the fall and spring terms. F-1 students taking classes in the summer should be allowed a work schedule that ensures attention to their academic responsibilities.
    2. F-1 students may work on campus full-time when school is not in session (such as spring break).
    3. F-1 students may not engage in on-campus employment after completing a course of study. Students who are completing their program of study (graduating) are expected to end on-campus employment at the time of, or prior to, the last day of graduation. Federal law does not permit any exceptions.
    4. F-1 students who are completing a program of study may only continue on-campus employment if they have been admitted to a new program of study for the next available regular term (summer/fall/spring). Additionally, the student must have a new Form I-20 issued by the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for the new program of study.
  • Students who believe they qualify for Texas residency and/or a reduction in their tuition fees must complete the Core Residency Questionnaire Form found on Texas State’s Residency website.

    All residency-related documents must be submitted to the Residency Office by email at in order to be evaluated.

  • Students should review the pre-arrival information before arriving to the Texas State University campus.

  • All visa inquiries should be directed to the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at 512.245.7966 or For more information regarding the I-20 creation process, please contact the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

  • We know you must have questions—and we are here to guide you in order to make your transition to Texas State as smooth as possible. Please visit Student Support Services for links to other offices to help you understand how to pay tuition, find fund, secure housing, and more.

  • We require official transcripts to be in our office before you can register for classes. If you have not already sent in your official transcripts, please review the submission instructions.

  • In-coming students currently studying at another school in the United States need to meet all academic and immigration requirements before transferring. Admission or transfer admission does not automatically transfer a student's immigration (SEVIS) record to Texas State University. Please contact Texas State University’s International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for procedures on how to transfer immigration records.