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Visualizing Research Scoring Criteria

Each submission will be scored on the quality, originality, and impact of each of its components (image, title, text) and the connection between them. The latter will weigh somewhat more heavily in the overall evaluation.  Evaluators will be guided by the following questions: 

Evaluation of the Image

  • Is there a clear visual focus? In other words, how good is the composition of the image?
  • Does the image exhibit good craftsmanship? (Is it free of pixilation, is it appropriately in focus, etc.)
  • Is the image visually appealing? In other words, does it spark a reaction and draw the viewer in?
  • Does the image exhibit originality and/or creativity?

Evaluation of the Title

  • Is the title creative/original?
  • Is the title clear, descriptive, and free of jargon?
  • Is the title memorable/catchy?
  • Does the title evoke imagery?

Evaluation of the Text 

  • Is it a quality submission (i.e., is it free of errors and well written)?
  • Is it clear, descriptive, and free of jargon?
  • Does it tell the story of the research?
  • Is there a clear focus on the research? In other words, does it state what was done and why it was done? Does it answer the “so what?” question?

Connection between Image, Title, and Text?  

  • Are the image, text, and title relevant to each other?
  • Do the image, text, and title enhance one another? In other words, are they better together than they are alone?
  • Does the combination of the image, title, and text tell a compelling story?
  • Does the combination make you want to learn more about the research?