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Certificate of Completion in Degree, Research, and Career Professional Development

You can now be recognized for your participation in our Shop Talks professional development series with The Graduate College Shop Talk Certificate of Completion in Degree, Research, and Career Professional Development. The certificate of completion can be displayed in your professional portfolio on items such as your resume, CV, cover letter, ePortfolio, and anywhere else you list your professional development. In addition to the certificate, you will also receive an official Texas State padfolio. If you have questions regarding the submission or requirements, please email us at


  • go to a minimum of seven Shop Talks, including at least two from each category: degree success, research development and career prep. (The Thesis and Dissertation Bootcamp series only counts once, no matter how many you attend.) 
  • attend during Summer 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
  • record your attendance with the Shop Talk Attendance Log


  • write a 500–1000 word reflection explaining how the Shop Talks you attended supported your degree success, research development, and career professional development 


  • complete the online submission form
  • include the attendance log and your written reflection
  • submit your items no later than April 20

Certificate Testimonials

Dr. Paulson presents the Shop Talk Certificate of Completion to graduate student David Beadle

Congrats to David Beadle — he not only received the Shop Talk Certificate of Completion, but he attended all seven Shop Talks during June 2018! A master’s student in communication studies with one semester under his belt, David knows firsthand how the demands of graduate studies leaves room for little else and appreciates the approach to providing students relevant topics in timely formats:

"Shop Talks have allowed me to access needed and valuable information without exhausting large amounts of my time that is needed to focus on my studies."

By investing 30 to 60 minutes a few times a week to attend these workshops, he's now able to utilize his time more efficiently in producing expertly crafted cover letters, using best practices in searching for jobs and funding opportunities, and employing the most effective tactics in requesting (and receiving!) letters of reference. By taking advantage of the resources, David has not only added this accomplishment to his resume/CV (which he can keep in his brand new padfolio), but also intrinsic value to his life and future. 

Dr. Paulson presents the Shop Talk Certificate of Completion to graduate student Callie De La Cerda

Congrats to Callie De La Cerda! She has received a Shop Talk Certificate of Completion for the 2017–2018 academic year. A master’s student in psychological research in her first semester, Callie attended seven Shop Talks for the 2017-2018 academic year: three in the degree success category, two in the research development category, and two in the career prep category. With her certificate, she can not only give her resume an extra boost by adding this accomplishment, she also gains the confidence of knowing that she is well-prepared for her graduate studies. She wrote in her reflection that her transition to Texas State has been extremely smooth, happy, and easy as a direct result of the available resources offered on campus, including the amazing Shop Talks of The Graduate College’s professional development series:

“Knowing that it can be intimidating to start grad school at a new college, The Graduate College offers so many resources to make sure you are on the right track! Attending the Shop Talks this semester has greatly helped in my success as a student and in my future career.”

While we highly recommend Shop Talks for students in their first year, the series is designed to provide essential information to students throughout their graduate studies. With the majority of the workshops live-streamed, Shop Talks are also accessible to online students, part-time students, and students on either the San Marcos or Round Rock campuses. Visit the Shop Talks page for the full schedule — and sign up today!