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Purgatory Trail Run 2018

Runner in a Running With the Graduate Deans shirt crosses the finish line.

Why run trails? Is it because, as John Muir said, “the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”? Or, perhaps because, like ultrarunner Scott Jurek found, “nature’s arena has a way of humbling and energizing us”? Of course, it could just be that there aren’t any cars to worry about when running on trails. No matter their reasons, on January 6, the crew from Running With the Graduate Deans turned out once again for the always fun Purgatory Trail Run. Held in the beautiful San Marcos Greenbelt, the race offered two distances, a 5k and a 10-mile race, with plenty of enthusiastic runners lining up for each.

In the week leading up to the race, San Marcos had some of its coldest weather in a long time, with temperatures well below freezing. But by race day, the weather was perfect: cool, but not too cold, dry and clear. And runners who turned out for the race were well-rewarded. With flowing single-track, beautiful hill country formations, and enough twists and turns and roots and rocks to keep things interesting, it was all smiles as runners crossed the finish line. Just take a look at the strong finish by APCE doctoral student Brittany Davis, pictured left, as she completes the 10-mile race!

This is the sixth year the Purgatory Trail Run has been held, and the third year that Running With the Graduate Deans has participated, each time as its first race of the year. Join us next year as we do the Purgatory Trail Run again to experience the fun and adventure of trail running!