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Purgatory Trail Run 2016

Purgatory Trail Run 5K & 10 Mile

Runner crossing finish line

The Running with the Graduate Deans program has kicked off 2016 with the Fourth Annual Purgatory Train Run 5K & 10 Mile. While the race is usually held in Purgatory Park (as the name indicates), it actually took place at the Spring Lake Preserve/Nature Area right next to campus due to the flood damage in the Purgatory Park. Happily, the race entry fees benefited the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance which is currently working to rebuild the Purgatory Park area.

The rocky landscape of the Spring Lake Nature Area caused runners to pay extra attention to their steps, since the early morning rain contributed to an especially slick and muddy course. While participation was not high overall at this event, runners nonetheless crossed the finish line to fellow racers’ cheers and applause, appreciating the grit and dedication it takes to complete a long run on particularly tough terrain.