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International Research Conference

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2022 Awardees

Master's Category

Top Presentation
Chin May Teoh, Karisa Renteria, Analynn Cooper, Dr. Jie Zhu, Dr. Michelle Lane, & Dr. Gar Yee Koh
Effects of Methyl-donor Nutrients Supplemented to A High-fat Diet during Pregnancy and Lactation on Colonic Vitamin D Signaling and Inflammation among Offspring Rats
Human Nutrition

Honorable Mention
Michael Price, Dr. Julie Niziurski, Dr. Krista Howard, & Dr. Carmen Westerberg
Changes in Dream Intensity and Nightmare Frequency during the COVID-19 Pandemic are Influenced by Personality
Psychological Research

Doctoral Category

Top Presentation
Gemini Creason-Parker

Rape Myths in Numbers: Do Stereotypical Case Characteristics Correlate with Arrest?
Criminal Justice

Honorable Mention
Micah Swartz & Royce Olarte
Intersecting Professional Identities and Social Interaction
Mathematics Education

Compassionate Research Award

Award Recipient
Gemini Creason-Parker
Rape Myths in Numbers: Do Stereotypical Case Characteristics Correlate with Arrest?
Doctoral Student, Criminal Justice


The Graduate College invites graduate students from all disciplines to present at the International Research Conference (IRC) and showcase their original research and creative works! Students at Texas State University, as well as from external institutions, are eligible to participate. This is not limited to graduate students presenting their thesis or dissertation. While students are encouraged to present their thesis or dissertation research, we also encourage students to present a classroom project, collaborations with other students or faculty, or other applicable projects.

Why Present?

  • promote your research or project
  • gain conference presentation experience
  • enhance communication skills
  • network with colleagues and faculty in various disciplines
  • build the professional development section of your resume/CV
  • demonstrate your understanding of the need to disseminate your research—even during your graduate program
  • interact with a broad audience about your research
  • gain the opportunity to opt-into having your work published in the Texas State University Digital Collections Repository*
  • receive top presentation awards!

*If you have co-authored and choose to opt-in to publish your research in the repository, you must inform and receive permission from your co-author(s).


Master's and doctoral students across all universities and all disciplines are eligible to participate. Graduate students do not have to present their thesis or dissertation to participate, although it is encouraged. Graduate students can also present a class project, creative work, collaboration, or other applicable projects.

Eligible graduate students are permitted to submit multiple projects to the conference. 

2022 Event Details

The 2022 International Research Conference for Graduate Students took place Tuesday, April 5, through Friday, April 8, during Graduate Student Appreciation Week.

The conference was held on ForagerOne's Symposium online platform and was open for all Texas State faculty, staff, and students to attend. More than 60 graduate students from various disciplines presented at this year's conference, and they focused on creating electronic poster (e-poster) presentations, along with short, pre-recorded video introductions and abstracts.

The conference opened on Tuesday, April 5 with Dr. Jennifer Irvin delivering the keynote presentation titled, "The Secrets to Success in Graduate Research: Compassionate Practices to Foster Research Productivity." Dr. Irvin is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the recipient of the 2021-2022 Graduate College Outstanding Mentor Award. 

Aside from the live keynote event, the conference was asynchronous, with participants and viewers able to see graduate students' presentations on their own time throughout the duration of the conference.

Stay tuned for 2023 conference details!


Registration to present and attend the 2022 IRC has closed. 

Stay tuned for 2023 registration details!


Master’s Degree:

  • Top Presentation
  • Honorable Mention

Doctoral Degree:

  • Top Presentation
  • Honorable Mention

Compassionate Research Award:

We partnered with the Common Experience to bring the Compassionate Research Award to the 2022 IRC. This award recognized the significance of the 2021-2022 Common Experience theme of Compassion. Conference presenters were encouraged to describe how their research or project demonstrated compassion to groups such as humans, animals, and environments.

Award Details

When presenters submit their work to the IRC, their project will automatically be considered for the top master's and doctoral awards. The 2022 Compassionate Research Award was optional for presenters to compete for and they were required to meet certain criteria in order to be considered. See the Judging Criteria page for more details. 

Faculty Respondents

Faculty respondents are appointed to provide feedback on presentations and engage with presenters to help enhance their projects and future research. All graduate faculty are eligible to sign-up to be faculty respondents.

Faculty respondent sign-ups are closed for the 2022 IRC. 


A panel of judges evaluated the e-poster presentations at the 2022 IRC and made final determinations for each award. To see more details about how presentations were evaluated, visit our Judging Criteria page. 

2022 Master's and Doctoral Top Presentation Judges

  • Dr. Joellen Coryell, Associate Dean of Educational Partnerships and Enrollment, College of Education
  • Dr. Andrea Golato, Dean, The Graduate College
  • Dr. Peter Golato, Director, IDEA Center
  • Dr. Gregory Passty, Assistant Dean, College of Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Eric Paulson, Associate Dean, The Graduate College
  • Dr. Lindsay Timmerman, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Communication Studies, College of Fine Arts and Communications
  • Dr. Diego Vacaflores, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, College of Business Administration
  • Dr. Bob Vasquez, Assistant Dean, College of Applied Arts

2022 Compassionate Research Award Judges

  • Rafael Cordero, Grant Director, Upward Bound, and Senior Director, TRIO Programs
  • Dr. Kama Davis, Staff Attorney, Attorney for Students
  • Dr. Patti Giuffre, Assistant Dean, The Graduate College
  • Dr. Erika Neilson, Director and Common Reading Coordinator, Common Experience
  • Jason O'Brien, Academic Advisor II, University College
  • Jeanette Pacheco, Academic Advisor I, PACE Advising Center
  • Camrie Pipper, Assistant Director, Common Experience
  • Dr. Aimee Roundtree, Associate Dean for Research and Promotion, College of Liberal Arts

Past Conferences

Check out the archives to see graduate student research presented at the International Research Conference over the years!

The 2022 International Research Conference was organized by The Graduate College and co-sponsored by the Common Experience and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


Contact us at

  If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact 512.245.2581 at least 72 hours in advance of the event.

  Texas State is a tobacco-free campus.