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To the Next Degree

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Welcome To the Next Degree – a podcast hosted by The Graduate College! 

This podcast is designed to create connections and help both current and prospective students succeed in their graduate degrees.

Our hosts present resource stories with and for graduate students, faculty, and staff in the Texas State community.

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Meet our hosts!

Host Dani Artaza

Dani Artaza

Dani received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in communication studies from Texas State University. As a graduate student, she worked as an instructional assistant and was promoted to teaching assistant for Fundamentals of Human Communication. Her research interests included relational communication, instructional communication, and organizational training and development. After receiving her master’s degree, she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she worked for the Florida Department of Revenue as a Research and Training Specialist. She currently works at The Graduate College as Recruiting Coordinator and focuses on programming for prospective and newly admitted graduate students. Along with her duties in The Graduate College, she is also an instructor of Professional Communication for the Department of Communication Studies. She is passionate about working with college students and preparing them for life after their undergraduate degree—whether that includes entering the workforce or continuing on to graduate school and the next degree! When she’s not helping Bobcats, Dani can be found listening to an audiobook, snuggling with her two furbabies, or watching Marvel movies with her fiancé.

Host Dr. Eric Paulson

Dr. Eric Paulson

Dr. Paulson is Associate Dean of The Graduate College and professor in the College of Education at Texas State University. He has taught in a variety of institutions in the United States and abroad, including community organizations, language institutes, community colleges, and research universities. He earned his B.A. at Eckerd College, M.S. at Florida State University, and Ph.D. at the University of Arizona. His research interests center on literacy processes, particularly college literacy in developmental education domains. When he’s not recording To the Next Degree episodes, he’s usually out trail running somewhere—or reading something—but never both at once. That would just be asking for trouble.

To the Next Degree is a production of The Graduate College at Texas State University.  

Producer: Paloma Gray – Publications Writer

Podcast Coordinator: Lindsey Wilson – Student Development Specialist II

Music (composed and performed by): Brian Smith

Sound Designer: Bob Flores – Production Intern (Summer 2020–Spring 2021)

Illustration Designer: Asanti Wiley – Digital Media Student Worker (Fall 2019–Fall 2020)

Special thanks to Dean Andrea Golato for providing resources and support for the podcast.