Sustainability Studies

Texas State University offers an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of master of arts (M.A.), or master of science (M.S.), in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on sustainability. The degree is specifically designed to educate and prepare committed leaders with the skills necessary to address emerging sustainability issues. Students completing the program will have the technical skills to formulate and solve problems at the appropriate scale, as well as the breadth of vision to recognize the interconnectedness and complexity of human-environment systems.

Graduates will be prepared for admission into strong doctoral programs or professional schools, and important positions in the growing field of sustainability-related careers within local, state or federal government, regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, consulting firms and within relevant industries.
The program is available to graduate students seeking a more diversified program of study than generally is available for students specializing in a single discipline. The program is open to any qualified graduate student, and is particularly relevant for those wishing to improve their subject matter competence in more than one discipline. The M.A. degree is best suited to students interested more in social sciences, business, humanities and planning, while the M.S. degree is best suited to students wishing to focus more on the natural sciences.

For additional information contact:

Patti Giuffre, Ph.D.

Graduate Advisor for SustainabilityStudies 

Undergraduate Academic Center 449-A

Phone: 512-245-8983


Michelle Villalpando

Graduate Programs Administrator

Phone: 512-245-9010