Steps To Apply

Activate your NetID after receiving an email with instructions

Your ApplyTexas application can take up to 2 working days to be received in The Graduate College. Within 24 hours from the time your application has arrived to our office, you will receive an email explaining how to activate your NetID. You cannot upload your admission documents prior to receiving the email. All admissions communications will be sent to the email address provided on the ApplyTexas application.

Submit your documents

Documents can be uploaded through the Graduate Admission Document Upload (GADU) tool.

Recommendation letters/forms should be sent from the reference to Application fee payments can be submitted securely through our online portal, TouchNet, or mailed via check/money order to the address above. Please make payable to Texas State University. Application fee waivers can be submitted to our office after an application has been submitted. Please review your program's web page to view their specific requirements.

Transcripts must be mailed to the address at the bottom of this page or sent through a secure, university-affiliated service (Parchment, eScrip, National Student Clearinghouse, etc). Credentials from outside the U.S. must be mailed in by post and cannot be emailed or sent electronically. Scanned or faxed copies of transcripts will not be considered official.

*International students, permanent residents, and naturalized citizens should review additional requirements here:

Check your status online

It can take 4-6 weeks for a program to make a recommendation on your application after it has reached a complete status. A complete status indicates that all documents have been received in The Graduate College. Please visit our website, under Step One, for any specific information regarding their decision timeline.

Click here to check your status online.
Click here for instructions to check your status online

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to submit my Texas State transcript?

No, Texas State transcripts are provided.

How do I submit my test scores?

In order to be considered official, the testing center can submit your scores (usually electronically) to Texas State by using the code 006667. Please make sure your name and date of birth matches the name you submitted on your ApplyTexas application to prevent any delay. GRE, GMAT, and LSAT scores are valid for five years after the exam date. TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years after the exam date.

How long will it take for a decision to be made?

It can take 4-6 weeks from the time your application is complete to receive a recommendation from the department. Some programs have posted specific dates that applications will be reviewed and recommendations will be made. Please visit the program's web page at for more information.

How long will my documents be retained?

Documents and transcripts submitted without an ApplyTexas application will not be retained. If you submitted an application through ApplyTexas and your other required documents directly to us, we will keep your documents on file for nine months.

How should I submit my forms/letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation must be sent directly by the recommender via e-mail to Recommenders will need to include the applicant name and date of birth, and preferably a student ID number.

Can I submit the same documents previously submitted for a new application?

We encourage applicants to submit new documents. It is always in your best interest to have the most current information on file. We also highly recommend checking on The Graduate College’s departmental webpage to confirm that the requirements/departmental applications have not changed in any way from the ones you originally submitted.

Recommenders providing a letter of reference are encouraged to send an updated letter; however, they can use one previously written, as they deem appropriate. (Note that The Graduate College staff may make exceptions and move recommendation letters if you have reapplied to the same program within a year from the original application and if that application was not denied.)

I attended several universities. Do I have to send all my transcripts if the coursework from one school is on another transcript?

Yes, you must provide all transcripts directly from the college or university from which credit was received. Please note this is required for college-level courses taken in high school as well as for study abroad coursework.

Do I need to submit my international transcripts from my study abroad program?

Yes, you must provide all transcripts from all universities, including any non-US universities you attended. If you enrolled directly through an international institution, we will require the official transcript in the country’s native language as well as a certified translation of the transcript into English. Please see regarding international document requirements. The $50.00 international fee will be required.

If you enrolled through a domestic university to take classes abroad, please request that university send transcripts to The Graduate College. The coursework will be evaluated by Graduate College staff, and you will be contacted if additional information is required. The $50.00 international fee may be required.

How does the process of acceptance work?

Submit your ApplyTexas Application and application fee. Request scores and transcripts to be submitted directly to the Graduate College. Other required documents may be electronically submitted to us at After we receive your admission documents and transcripts, Graduate Admission Specialists will calculate your GPA and Graduate Advisors will submit an admission recommendation to The Graduate College. The Graduate Dean makes the final admission decision, and all official correspondence will be sent from The Graduate College. Remember to check your email regularly for correspondence from The Graduate College.

I was admitted for a particular term but never attended. Can I defer my initial admission to a future term?

It is possible to defer admission up to two terms (including summer) for some programs. Contact The Graduate College at for more information.

I was admitted and attended in a previous term. What can I do to come back?

If it has been less than a year since your last enrollment, the Update Application Form may be used to update registration. If it has been more than a year since your last enrollment, you must submit a new application and application fee through ApplyTexas.