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Certificate of Completion in Degree, Research, and Career Professional Development

You can now be recognized for your participation in our Shop Talks professional development series with The Graduate College Shop Talk Certificate of Completion in Degree, Research, and Career Professional Development. The certificate of completion can be displayed in your professional portfolio on items such as your resume, CV, cover letter, ePortfolio, and anywhere else you list your professional development. In addition to the certificate, you will also receive an official Texas State padfolio. If you have questions regarding the submission or requirements, please email us at


  • go to a minimum of seven Shop Talks, including at least two from each category: degree success, research development and career prep. (The Thesis and Dissertation Bootcamp series only counts once, no matter how many you attend.) 
  • attend during Summer 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
  • record your attendance with the Shop Talk Attendance Log


  • write a 500–1000 word reflection explaining how the Shop Talks you attended supported your degree success, research development, and career professional development 


  • complete the online submission form
  • include the attendance log and your written reflection
  • submit your items no later than April 20