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Deans Going the Distance for Graduate Education

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Two years ago, Drs. Andrea Golato, dean of The Graduate College, and Eric Paulson, associate dean of The Graduate College, combined their love of running with their goal of raising awareness of graduate education with the creation of their wellness initiative: Running With the Graduate Deans. During this time, the two deans have run over 128 miles and raised over $2,800 for graduate student scholarships. 

They are taking their awareness-raising and wellness initiative to the next level in their newest endeavor: the Deans Going the Distance for Graduate Education crowdfunding campaign. Deans Golato and Paulson will each run for six hours in the Jackalope Jam on April 22 to show their support (and raise funds, too!) for students going their distances to present research at conferences around the globe! They are hoping to raise $3,500 to add to the Graduate Student Travel Fund program which currently awards $150, $200, and $300 for two trips per student in Texas, in the U.S., or in another country. With the funds raised, the deans are hoping to provide either more money per trip or offer the funds for more than two trips per year so students can have even more experiences like the ones below! 

Jan Adversario with Dr. Donaldo Macedo
Jan Adversario with Dr. Donaldo Macedo in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

"One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Dr. Donaldo Macedo, a renowned scholar on linguistics and critical theory. After listening to his keynote speech, I felt valued as an educator and empowered as a researcher to continue my study on immigrants, equality, and social justice." 
Jan Adversario, current doctoral student in the adult, professional and community education program 

chaunesey clemmons
Chaunesey Clemmons at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in New Orleans, LA

"My presentation allowed me to meet with peers and colleagues in my field so that I could make lasting connections. These connections offer the opportunity to conduct further research, present employment opportunities, and assist in my applications to doctoral programs."
— Chaunesey Clemmons, current master's student in the anthropology program

Paepin Goff
Paepin Goff taking notes on a beaver lodge on the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park

"Not only did I make valuable connections with other researchers and park officials, but the conference took place close to my field sites, so I was able to get on the ground and conduct research in addition to presenting." 
— Paepin Goff, current doctoral student in the geography program

"Conference participation provides great opportunities to learn about the status and progress in the related research fields and to put their own research into perspective. This can often become an eye-opening experience that may inspire students to conduct more and high-level research."
  — Dr. Yongmei Lu, professor and graduate advisor in the Department of Geography

Jason Swisher
Jason Swisher at the University Council for Educational Administration in Detroit, MI

"I was able to learn about the work of students in other universities. Some of the topics were eye-opening for me. It was nice to get outside of my geographic bubble and hear about research topics I hadn't considered."
Jason Swisher, current doctoral student in the school improvement program

miguel zuniga
Miguel Zuniga at the New York State School of Music conference

"The conference helped me establish myself as a contributing member to music research and gave me my first opportunity to present at a major convention which will provide vast opportunities for my future as a music educator."
Miguel Angel Zuniga, Jr., current master's student in the music program

Nikole Smith
Nikole Smith at the Seoul International Conference on Social Sciences and Management in Seoul, South Korea

"Since I am a mass communication major and South Korea is a media giant, it allowed for a great presentation space and an equally great experience with networking. "
— Nikole Smith, current master's student in the mass communication program