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Important Submission Information


Applicants to any graduate program must submit an application through ApplyTexas. Once in the ApplyTexas system, you must select the preferred term of enrollment to view the available programs admitting during this term.

  Not all programs admit for every term. Please review the admission terms, deadlines, and requirements for your program of study.

You will not upload documents in ApplyTexas. Instead, you will receive instructions via email on activating your NetID and uploading documents to the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (GADU) tool once your application has been received by our office. It could take up to two business days for you to receive this email. This delay means that you will not be able to submit documents the same day you submit the ApplyTexas application. Therefore, we highly recommend that you submit their ApplyTexas application and the rest of the requirements listed here well in advance of the program's deadline. More information about deadlines can be found on our policy page.

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Former Applicants/Students to Texas State

When submitting an application through ApplyTexas, please use the last name under which you last attended the university to avoid multiple ID numbers and to help expedite the processing of your application. Official name changes must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

Exchange Applicants

Please review our guide for submitting the ApplyTexas application as a graduate-level exchange student.

Changing the ApplyTexas Application

If you wish to change programs or your preferred term of enrollment, you will be required to submit a new application and pay the application fee. If you have already been admitted, contact our office regarding your options.

Applying to Multiple Programs

If you wish to apply to more than one program, you will be required to submit a separate ApplyTexas application and fee for each program. Admission into one graduate program does not guarantee admission into others.    

Denied Applications

If you are denied and wish to apply to a different program, you will have to submit a new application and fee.



You can submit the required, nonrefundable application fee with credit/debit card information during the ApplyTexas application process or through our secure online payment portal, TouchNet. Applications will not be reviewed until all of the applicable fees are paid.

  If you wish to change your application or submit applications for multiple programs, you must pay the fee(s) associated with the new application(s).

International Evaluation Fee

The $50 international evaluation fee is required if the application considered for admission is based on international application components. International evaluation is required if you received credit from a foreign institution (transcript evaluation) or if you need to provide English proficiency exam scores (test score evaluation). 

Program-specific Fees

Application Fee Waivers

You may contact The Graduate College at regarding the application fee waiver, eligibility requirements, and submission guidelines. 


Application Requirements
You must hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university by the time you enroll in your graduate courses. You must also provide one official transcript from each senior-level, post-secondary institution from which credit was received, though some programs require transcripts from each institution where credit was received. You can submit copies of your official transcripts in order to meet your application requirements; however, your official transcripts are required prior to enrollment.

  Transcripts submitted without the ApplyTexas application will not be retained.

Submitting Copies of Official Transcripts Through GADU

You must upload copies of your official transcripts (not print-outs, grade reports, or unofficial transcripts). You can accomplish this by ordering or requesting your official transcripts from your university registrar, opening the documents, and scanning them into one PDF file. Please follow the instructions below when uploading your documents:

  • redact your social security number every time it appears, but do not make additional alterations
  • include front pages and back pages as well as the transcript legend
  • combine multiple pages and/or multiple transcripts into one PDF
  • arrange all pages in the correct order
  • remove any encryption/password protections
  • confirm your file is less than 9.00 MB

Read additional information in our downloadable instruction guide.

Former or Current Texas State Students

If you are a Texas State University degree recipient or are currently enrolled at Texas State, you will need to request transcripts for any course work NOT listed on the Texas State transcript.

Applicants Who Have Study Abroad Course Work

We will require your study abroad transcript if the courses occurred during the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work before receiving a degree. If study abroad course work is listed on an official U.S. transcript, we may waive the need for foreign transcripts if the following information is present:

  • full course title or prefix
  • semesters attended
  • grades awarded
  • hours attempted
  • credits awarded

If any of this information is missing, we will require a copy of the official transcript(s) for your application and the official transcript(s) if you are admitted. A $50 international evaluation fee will be added to the checklist for foreign transcripts requiring grade conversion and/or evaluation. Please review the submission instructions for international transcripts.

Applicants Currently Enrolled in Undergraduate Studies

If you have not yet graduated with your bachelor’s degree, please submit a copy of the official transcript with the most recently completed semester’s grades. We will only calculate an applicant’s GPA after the last long (spring or fall) semester of course work prior to graduation has been completed. For example, if you are applying for a program that will begin Fall 2018 and expect to graduate in May 2018, please send transcripts with the Fall 2017 grades. If transcripts are submitted without this information, you will be notified, and your application will not be considered complete until the updated transcript has been received.

  If you are admitted, you will need to submit an official transcript that shows your degree statement.

Enrollment Requirements
If you are admitted, you will need to submit your official transcripts in order to enroll at Texas State University as a hold will be placed on your account until your official transcripts are received. Transcripts must be sent directly from your institution electronically or submitted in a university envelope sealed with the university’s registrar’s signature (including those from international institutions).

Once you have requested your official transcripts from your previous institutions, you will need to check Texas State Self-Service to see if your transcripts have been received by our office. Your official transcripts will be compared to the documents you uploaded with your application.

  Texas State University reserves the right to require official transcripts at any time during the admissions process and rescind any offer of admission made if discrepancies between uploaded and official transcript(s) are found. 

Submitting Official Electronic Transcripts

Some institutions may use a third party service to send transcripts officially. The secure third party vendor must send the electronic transcript to Faxed copies sent either by the applicant or the institution's registrar's office will not be accepted, though in some cases, we may accept transcripts emailed directly from the university’s registrar’s office.

Submitting Official International Transcripts/Marks Sheets

Our international applicant web pages provide the requirements for international transcripts/mark sheets.

Submitting Non-Texas State University Official Transcripts

If credit has been granted from an institution other than Texas State University, transcripts must be sent electronically via the methods above or mailed directly to The Graduate College from the institution. Transcripts must be sealed in a university envelope with the university registrar's signature on the back of the envelope.

Texas State University
The Graduate College
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-4684


Some programs require official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores. Preferred scores can be viewed on your program of study's web page. When selecting a test date, make sure your scores will be reported in time for your application deadlines. Score reports for computer-delivered tests are sent to your designated score recipients approximately 10–15 days after your test date. 

  Tests must have been taken within five years of the date you submit your ApplyTexas application to be used for admission consideration.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Scores

GRE scores must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to The Graduate College. The college code for Texas State is 006667. Texas State applicants are required to take only the general test (verbal and quantitative sections). The writing section is also required for some programs. Subject examinations are not accepted. 

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Scores

GMAT scores must be sent directly from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) to The Graduate College. 

Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

LSAT scores must be sent directly from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) to The Graduate College.


Once you activate your NetID, you will be able to upload documents (such as resumes, essays, statements of purpose, etc.) through the Graduate Admission Document Upload (GADU) tool. Please review the specific documents required by your program of study as well as tips to navigate GADU.

Only documents required by the program should be submitted to departments for admission consideration. Non-required documents mailed or emailed to our office will not be retained, nor will documents submitted without the ApplyTexas application. 

Files over 9.00 MB will not be accepted. 

  Please use Microsoft Word 2010 or later to complete documents posted as .doc files. Click “Enable Content” upon loading, and enter into “Edit Document” mode under the “View” tab.


You will request recommendations from your recommenders by entering your recommenders' names and emails directly into the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (GADU) tool. Recommenders will then receive an email from GADU with your request and submission instructions. Review tips on requesting recommendations.

  Recommenders will no longer email their recommendations to The Graduate College.  

Mentor Communications

Some programs require the applicant to secure a mentor to guide them in their particular area of study. In order to confirm the mentorship, the prospective mentors must submit their agreement, the mentor communication, in writing.  

If this situation pertains to you, you will request a mentor communication from your prospective mentor by entering your mentor's name and email directly into the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (GADU) tool. Mentors will then receive an email from GADU with your request and submission instructions. 

  Mentors will no longer email their recommendations to The Graduate College.