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Application Policy Information


It is your responsibility to read all communications sent from The Graduate College. All admissions communications will be sent to the email address provided on your ApplyTexas application. Please provide an email account that will remain active for an extended period of time after the application submission and verify that it is correct before submitting the ApplyTexas application.

Typically, you will receive your first email from The Graduate College within two days after you submit your ApplyTexas application; however, in some cases it may take up to four days. If you have not yet received an email after this time, first check your junk or spam folders. If no communication can be found, then please contact our office.


Deadlines represent the last date an application will be guaranteed to be considered for admission. Deadline types and dates vary by program and are noted on each individual program page.

If you do not meet the program's specific deadline, unfortunately, you will be denied admission and will need to submit a new application and application requirements in order to be considered for future terms or other programs of study.

We highly recommend submitting your ApplyTexas application and all of the admission requirements well in advance of the program's deadline. More information regarding the submission process can be found on our submission information page.

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Firm Deadlines

This type of deadline means the ApplyTexas application and other application requirements must be submitted by the program's specified deadline day. 

Please note: admission requirements will be submitted using the Graduate Admissions Document Upload (GADU) tool. Use of this tool requires a NetID and password which is sent within two business days (but, in some cases, could take up to four) of the ApplyTexas application submission. This delay means that you will not be able to submit documents the same day you submit your ApplyTexas application and could result in failure to meet the program's deadline.

Flexible Deadlines

This type of deadline means that the application received and/or completed after the program's specified deadline day may be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no guarantees for admission consideration. The application will still be available on ApplyTexas after this day.

Priority Deadlines

This type of deadline represents the day an application must be complete in order to be considered for certain types of funding (scholarships, assistantships or fellowships) or to be given priority consideration. 

Standard Deadlines

This deadline typically comes after a program's priority deadline. It represents the day by which the application should be complete in order to guarantee admission consideration. If the program has a flexible deadline (defined above), applications completed after this day may be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no guarantees for admission consideration. 

ApplyTexas Deadlines

Applications are available on ApplyTexas through midnight on the day of the deadline. If a program is not listed for a specific term on ApplyTexas, the program is either no longer available or is not offered for that particular term. 


Once the application is complete, the applicant’s grade point average (GPA) will be calculated. The program will be notified, and using one of the decision timelines detailed below, will make an admissions recommendation to the Graduate Dean with whom the final admissions decision rests.

After an admissions decision has been made, the applicant will receive an email notification from The Graduate College. As noted in the communication section above, all admissions communications will be sent to the email address provided on the ApplyTexas application. Applicants admitted to a degree-seeking program will also receive a letter via U.S. mail.

Applicants may also check the status of their application online using Self-Service Banner.

Applicants may submit an admission appeal to the graduate dean at within three weeks of the date of the decision. The written appeal should include additional supporting documentation. Admission appeals will be answered via email within three weeks of receipt of the applicant’s appeal.


As explained in decision process above, admissions recommendations will be provided by the department after the application has been reviewed. The time frame in which this takes place is typically determined by whether the program admits on a “rolling” or “firm” basis. In most cases, a program will make recommendations about 3–4 weeks after an application completes. During peak times, this time frame could increase to up to six weeks.

The decision time frame may also depend upon the type of deadline the program has. If the program has a firm deadline, the admissions committee may wait until after the deadline has passed to review eligible applications. This could mean that you might wait beyond the typical six-week time frame to know the final admissions decision of your application if you completed your application before the firm deadline. 

Rolling Basis

Some programs make admissions recommendations on a "rolling" basis: the program will consider applications and make decisions as applications complete.

Firm Basis

Some programs make admissions recommendations on a "firm" basis: the program will consider applications after the posted deadline, and applicants will be notified within a specific time frame.


Once your application is complete, our office will calculate a specific GPA for admission consideration. This GPA is based on the last 60 undergraduate hours of letter-grade work earned at four-year institution before receipt of your bachelor's degree and is referred to as the "last-60-hour GPA". If you have completed graduate-level course work, we will calculate a second GPA based on your last 60 hours of undergraduate hours plus your letter-grade graduate hours.

Additionally, some programs require a subject-specific GPA for admission consideration. This will be noted on the program page under "Transcripts & GPA". 


After admission to a program, you are expected to enroll each fall and spring term (summer is optional). If you do not enroll in each spring/fall term, and it has been less than a year since your last enrollment, the Update Application Form may be used to update registration rather than a new application and fee through ApplyTexas. 

If you do not enroll within a one-year period after your initial enrollment, you will be required to submit a new application and application fee. We encourage you to review any enrollment requirements as admission is not guaranteed.

All returning students should review the meningitis vaccination requirement by visiting the vaccination policy page.