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Outstanding Award Recipients

The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards are presented each April at the Graduate Student Awards Ceremony. The award highlights one student from each college that has shown tremendous talent, effort, and ingenuity in their graduate studies.

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2016- 2017 Awards

Doctoral Student's 2016-2017

Student's Name College
Kathy Martinez-Prather Applied Arts
Zane Wubbena Education
Sean Buchner Health Professions
Ross Martin Liberal Arts
Mariana Ocampo Science and Engineering

Master's Student's 2016-2017

Student's Name College
Jessi deGruy Page Applied Arts
Jaclyn Ramirez McCoy College of Business Administration
Julia E. Ross Education
Jack Wilds Fine Arts and Communication
Samantha Banda Health Professions
Lindsey Waldenberg Liberal Arts
Thulasi Krishna Kannaian Science and Engineering

2015 - 2016 Awards

Doctoral Students 2015-2016

Name College
Tyler Vaughan Applied Arts
Kayon Murray-Johnson Education
Erin Stolte Health Professions
Brendan Lavy Liberal Arts
Abbas Fahami Science and Engineering

Master's Students 2015-2016

Name College
Monica Silva Applied Arts
Shweta Prabhuram McCoy College of Business Administration
Amy Shatila Education
Lindsay Starr Fine Arts and Communication
Colleen Gorman Health Professions
Dorothy Lawrenson Liberal Arts
Spideh Maleki Science and Engineering

2014 - 2015 Awards

Doctoral Students 2014-2015

Name College
Victoria Terranova Applied Arts
Sydney Granger Education
Melissa Kaplan Health Professions
Monica C. Medel Valdivia Liberal Arts
Sarah Hanusch Science and Engineering

Master's Students 2014-2015

Name College
Rebecca Stavinoha Applied Arts
Lisa A. Taylor McCoy College of Business Administration
Stephanie Kneedler Education
Shanna D. Schultz Fine Arts and Communication
Darcy Argueta Health Professions
Amanda M. Castañeda Liberal Arts
Binbin Li Science and Engineering

2013 - 2014 Awards

Student's Name College
Zebulia Dean Shaffer Applied Arts
Elizabeth A. Adair McCoy College of Business Administration
Debra A. Aceves Education
Rita Anderson Fine Arts and Communication
Samantha Richter Health Professions
Lennon N. Bates Liberal Arts
Adam Mathews Liberal Arts
Corey Holland Science and Engineering

2012 - 2013 Awards

Student's Name College
Hannah Thornton Applied Arts
Patrick M. Murphy Business Administration
Carl Van Aacken Education
Davy JoAn Green Fine Arts and Communication
McKenna L. Powell Health Professions
Beatriz Gomez Liberal Arts
Haoran Chen Science

2011 - 2012 Awards

Student's Name College
Ashley Lynn Allen Applied Arts
Jessica G. Swafford Business Administration
Megan Trad Education
Guadalupe Flores Fine Arts and Communication
Patricia Brannon Health Professions
Clayton Whitesides Liberal Arts
Molly A. O'Neil Science

2010 - 2011 Awards

Student's Name College
Arnold Arvin Williams Applied Arts
Jacqueline D. Soukap Business Administration
Pamela Akinyi Wadende Education
Jeremy Honea Fine Arts and Communication
Sara Lord Health Professions
Jamie Nichole McNiel Liberal Arts
Mahmoud Mechehoul Science

2009 - 2010 Awards

Student's Name College
Alyson Ivey Applied Arts
Yolanda I. Quintanilla Applied Arts
Emily M. Wilkes  Business Administration
Brittany Rosen Education
Sameera Kapila Fine Arts and Communication
Michelle Saldana Health Professions
Michelle Seiler Liberal Arts
Dragos Anastasiu Science

2008 - 2009 Awards

Student's Name College
Leonard D. Wittnebel Applied Arts
Michael C. Maher Business Administration
Lewis Madhlangobe Education
A. John Boulanger Fine Arts and Communication
Kristen Orand Health Professions
Michelle Edwards Liberal Arts
Raquel Ybanez Science

2007 - 2008 Awards

Student's Name College
Sarah Edith Scott Applied Arts
Maggie M. LaJaunie Business Administration
Tamara Clunis Education
Thomas Russell Kirkscev Fine Arts & Communication
Philip D. Ramirez Health Professions
Joseph Anthony Orbock Liberal Arts
Allana Welsh Science

2006 - 2007 Awards

Student's Name College
Sherry Lynn Koenning-Cook Applied Arts
Molly Sherman Business Administration
Maureen Hicks Education
Ashley Duncan Fine Arts and Communication
Cecilia Angel Palacios Health Professions
Carol F.Sawyer Liberal Arts
Michael Jason Cade Science

2005 - 2006 Awards

Student's Name College
Lara Lee Falardeau Applied Arts
Natalia V. Padgett Business Administration
Laura M. Kahanek Education
Jay L. Crutcher Fine Arts and Communication
Amy Lee Health Professions
Robert L. Williams Liberal Arts
Zach Gompert Science

2004 - 2005 Awards

Student's Name College
Andrea Kathleen Dravigne Applied Arts
Gretchen Anne Stout Business Administration
Leticia Romero Grimaldo Education
Richard J. Sabatino Fine Arts and Communication
Patricia Hill Health Professions
Debra A. Law Liberal Arts
Allana Welsh Science

2003 - 2004 Awards

Student's Name College
Sareta Davis Applied Arts
Matthew McKee Business Administration
Krystol Clark Education
David Nolan Fine Arts and Communication
Gary Gwaltney Health Professions
Moira Muldoon Liberal Arts
Soctt Patrick Egan Science

2002 - 2003 Awards

Student's Name College
Kim E. Pendergraft Applied Arts
Philip O. Martinez Business Administration
Tabitha Halfmann Goren Education
Melissa Green Fine Arts and Communication
Peter Wolf Health Professions
Claude M. Bonazzo, Jr. Liberal Arts
Steven B. Greenstein Science

2001 - 2002 Awards

Student's Name College
Albert A. Ortiz Applied Arts
Valarie Marie Guzman Business Administration
Jonna Kay Beck Education
Michelle L. Paulsel Fine Arts and Communication
Marjorie Giesecke Health Professions
Erin C. Clair Liberal Arts
Melanie Jordan Science