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Graduate College Scholarships

Please note:  If you are not a current student in a graduate degree seeking program or do not have a current application on file for a graduate degree seeking program, you must first submit your admission application through ApplyTexas and submit required admission documents to The Graduate College. 

2015 - 2016

The Graduate College provides these scholarships to encourage students with intellectual, creative, and leadership promise to complete a master's or doctoral degree at Texas State University.  These scholarships are available for newly admitted and continuing students.  Scholarships are awarded for the academic year and disbursed on a per-semester basis.

Awards range from $1,000 per semester.  Scholarships are awarded for the academic year and disbursed on a semester basis.  These scholarships require a minimum enrollment of six semester hours of graduate level courses (5000 or above) and a 3.5 GPA each semester the scholarship is awarded.

To be able to start the application process for this scholarship, minimally your ApplyTexas application for admission into a graduate program must first be on file with The Graduate College.  To receive full consideration for the scholarship, your application file to the graduate program must be complete; you must have filled out a scholarship application and submitted all required supporting documents for the scholarship online on or before MARCH 1For the College of Applied Arts (Research Fellowship):  Please visit http://www.gradcollege.txstate.edu/Prospect_Students/Fin_Grad_Ed/Scholarships/Apld_Arts.html.  Eligibility and application requirements for the College of Applied Arts are not the same as those listed below.

Applicants must have been admitted to a Texas State master’s or doctoral program or have a completed application file.  Applicants who will be first-time graduate students must have a 3.25 GPA on the last 60 hours of coursework leading to the bachelor’s degree or an overall graduate degree GPA of 3.5.  Applicants who have completed Texas State graduate-level coursework must have a 3.5 GPA on prior graduate-level coursework.


  • A current resume/CV (three pages or less) including name, address, e-mail address, education (degrees or special certifications), professional experience, scholarship awards, special recognitions, articles or presentations, selected community activity, and other information pertinent to the desired degree.
  • An essay of no more than 200 words expressing career objectives and reasons for selecting the graduate major.
  • Three letters of recommendation.  Recommendation letters should be from professional individuals familiar with your academic background and ability (including two letters from professors).  Letters of recommendation previously submitted to Texas State for admission purposes or for scholarship application in previous years, cannot be used again to satisfy this requirement.

The selection committee from each college will select the best-qualified applicants.

Applicants will be evaluated on

  • Their past academic achievement (as evidenced by GPA, letters of recommendation, resume/CV, etc.)
  • Their future academic promise (as evidenced by letters of recommendation)
  • Their academic goals (as evidenced by their essay)

A student who does not enroll the semester of the award must inform the Graduate College in writing regarding enrollment plans for future semesters.  Failure to enroll may affect award eligibility for future semesters.

A student who drops a course and falls below the required 6 hours of enrollment must inform the Graduate College Dean in writing.  The Graduate College will send notification of reimbursement procedures and eligibility for future semesters.

A student in his or her final semester must contact the Graduate College Dean in writing to request approval from the Graduate Dean to enroll in fewer than the required 6 hours.  If an enrollment of less than six graduate hours is approved, an adjustment will be made to the award amount.

Students must re-apply for the Graduate College Scholarship each academic year.