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Student Support

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Career Services
Texas State Career Services seeks to provide resources for every step of the graduate school application process. Our Thomson-Peterson Guides outline practically every graduate program in the U.S., as well as many abroad. Counselors can assist with graduate statements, recommendation letters, resumes, interviewing, and even some information on how best to prepare for entrance exams. If we can help you, please stop by soon.

Financial Assistance
For students receiving financial aid, knowing how to get your money is critical. Please review the information at the Financial Aid Office's announcements link for important instructions on obtaining your loan and payment information.

The Graduate College is proud to offer several graduate student scholarships. For a complete list of Texas State graduate scholarships in addition to outside scholarships, visit The Graduate College Scholarship webpage.

Financial Literacy
The Council of Graduate Schools’ initiative, GradSense, is an initiative that provides graduate students with information on the value of pursuing an advanced degree, the long-term impact of daily spending choices and tips for evaluating job offers after graduation.  More information may be accessed at

Healthcare Services and Insurance
All registered students with a valid Texas State Student ID who have paid the Medical Service Fee are eligible to use the Student Health Center. The Medical Service Fee is included in your tuition and fees. (Students enrolled only in off-campus courses will have these fees waived.) For information regarding hours and services, call the Student Health Center at (512) 245-2161 or visit their website.

Insurance information is available at

International studentsare required to have health insurance. For additional
information, please see

Mentoring Program
The Mentoring Program for Texas State graduate students is designed to assist students adjust to the high demands of graduate studies.  Graduate faculty and peer mentors serve as coaches, role models, advisors, guides, and referral agents.  For more information, call (512) 245-2152 or e-mail

Social Media Use and Cybersecurity
Use of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs have become commonplace. However, students need to be aware that social media content plays an important role in their education as well as their future career prospects. Students are urged to use caution while publishing information on public sites. Objectionable content may also affect the likelihood of getting a graduate assistantship. More companies are screening employees' use of social media sites before making hiring decisions. Please visit the following web site for information on social media use:

Graduate students share various types of information online and need to be aware of cybersecurity issues. Please visit Information Technology Assistance Center, ITAC, to see information brochures on cybersecurity issues:

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