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Texas State University utilizes an online registration system referred to as Self-Service Banner.

The Self-Service Banner provides step-by-step instructions on how to register online and information on how to search for courses using the web-based class schedule. The academic calendar can be referenced so you will know when to register, how to change your course schedule, the first class day, last day to drop, etc.

Click here for more information about registration from the Registrar's Office.

Set Up a PIN
Many web-based transactions require a Texas State computer user name and password or a Texas State ID number and personal identification number (PIN). To set up a PIN, click here.

Texas State User ID
You may obtain your Texas State user ID and email by clicking here.  If you need assistance, you may contact the help desk at (512) 245-4822. Please set up your Texas State email as soon as possible. Most university offices use Texas State email as  the official means of communication.

Derrick Horses

Holds and Registration Eligibility
If you have a hold within a department, it may prevent you from registering for the upcoming semester.To check holds and your registration eligibility, click here.

Pay Tuition and Fees
For general information, such as tuition and fee tables, definitions of fees, and a very helpful step-by-step payment guide please refer to the Student Business Sevice's.

Click here for estimates of your tuition and fees based on hours of enrollment.

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