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General Information

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Student Services
Self Service Banner ( offers you access to many student services online, including course schedules and registration. Please use this site to change your address. If you need to change your name, go to for more information and forms.

Important Meningitis Information
Starting January 2012, universities in Texas are required by state law to collect proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination, or proof of an exemption, for all new incoming students under the age of 22. Texas State University is working with Magnus Health Student Medical Records (SMR) to collect, review and confirm our students' bacterial meningitis vaccination information. As a newly-admitted student, you are required to submit this documentation, through Magnus Health SMR, to ensure your enrollment is not delayed. (For more information on this new requirement, please visit Magnus Health SMR customer service at 877.461.4831 or

Entrance Date
Your acceptance letter specifies the term that you are eligible to register. After admission to a program, students are expected to enroll each fall and spring term (with summer being an option).  If a student does not enroll in each spring/fall term, and it has been less than a year since enrollment, the Update Application Form, located on The Graduate College website at under "Reapplication Process", may be used to update registration.  After the initial enrollment in a degree program, any student who does not enroll within a one-year period will be required to submit a new application though ApplyTexas and pay the application fee. Please review any enrollment requirements which relate to your program of study.

Course Load
Taking nine semester hours is classified as full-time enrollment each term.  The maximum graduate course load is 15 semester hours during the fall and spring terms and 12 semester hours during the summer.  Program offerings vary during the summer.  Overloads require written approval from your graduate advisor and the dean of The Graduate College before registering.

Degree Audit
A degree audit identifies the courses that are required to obtain a particular degree at Texas State and will guide the student in selecting courses for registration.  The student may access a degree audit at the beginning of the first term of enrollment from Self Service Banner at The student should meet with his or her graduate advisor to discuss any degree options. Requests for changes to a student's degree audit must be submitted by the student's advisor to the Dean of The Graduate College for approval.

Because graduate degree programs are individualized according to degree type and student goals, a student's particular degree program may exceed the number of hours identified for the major in The Graduate College Catalog. Students receiving Veterans Administration educational assistance must provide the Texas State Office of Veteran Affairs with a copy of the graduate degree audit.

Change of Major or Minor
Should you desire to change your major program, you must complete a new application, pay the application fee, and meet the requirements of the new program. Acceptance in one graduate program does not ensure acceptance into another graduate program. Allow a minimum of six weeks to process program changes. Minor requirements vary among programs. Refer to the Graduate Catalog for minor requirements in your major. If you are having difficulty deciding on a minor, consult with the graduate advisor in your program. If you wish to change your minor, please complete a Change of Minor Form. This form is available at

Also, please review the Student Handbook at

Thesis (Master's) and Dissertation (Doctoral) Options
If you elect the thesis option, consult with the graduate advisor in your program regarding the procedures to follow. All doctoral students, with the exception of DPT students, are required to complete a dissertation. You should consult with the Doctoral Program Director of your program regarding all program-specific requirements related to the dissertation.

Guide to the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations
A guide to the preparation of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is available online at This guide provides information on procedures, deadlines, required approvals, style, and formatting.

Degree Completion
A master’s degree must be completed within six years of the date of your initial enrollment, while a doctoral degree must be completed within ten years.  Other time limits for both course work and dissertation hours vary by program.  See the Graduate Catalog for specific information.

Graduate Assistantships
A limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships are available. Inquiries should be addressed to the appropriate department.

Financing Your Graduate Education
For information about financing your graduate education, visit Please check with your department and college for additional scholarship/fellowship opportunities.

Enrollment Verification
The Registrar's Office provides enrollment verification for graduate students. Enrollment verification may be requested by contacting the Registrar's Office.

The Registrar's Office • 601 University Drive • JCK Room 111
San Marcos, TX 78666-4684
Phone (512)245-2367 • Fax (512)245-8126 • Email

Veteran Benefits
For information regarding benefits at Texas State University, please visit You may also contact the Veteran Affairs Office at (512)245-2641 or

The Graduate House
A body of Student Government, the Graduate House represents graduate students across the campus. The Graduate House meets regularly and has representatives from all academic colleges at Texas State. For more information please see the following website:

Locate Parking and Classroom Buildings
Visit for maps of classroom buildings, campus parking, Tram routes and San Marcos. Click on the Building Master List to see a list of buildings on the San Marcos campus and their abbreviations. This list also links to pages that contain building photos and accessible directions. For a map and direction to the Texas State Round Rock Campus, visit

Transportation Services
Transportation Services provides shuttle service to Texas State students, faculty, and staff in San Marcos.  For schedules and maps, visit or call 512-245-5555.

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