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Nomination & Evaluation Procedure for Graduate Faculty

The Nomination and Evaluation Procedures for Graduate Faculty is a Policy and Procedure Statement document, AA/PPS 04.01.30 (7.03), and is located on the Policy and Procedures Statements website under the Academic Affairs/Provost division.

Review and follow the procedures in AA/PPS No. 04.01.30 (7.03) located on the web or as a Word document. The following forms are embedded in section 03. Procedure – Nomination of Graduate Faculty in either format: 

  • Attachment A – Nomination/Renomination Form for Graduate Faculty (cited in text as "Nomination/Renomination Form")
  • Attachment B – Appointment Justification for Graduate Faculty Not Possessing a Terminal Degree To Teach a Graduate Course(s) or Serve on a Graduate Committee (cited in text as "appointment justification form")