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Nomination & Evaluation Procedure for Graduate Faculty

The Nomination and Evaluation Procedure for Graduate Faculty is a Policy and Procedure Statement document (PPS 7.03 The Graduate Faculty) and is located on the Office of the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs web site.

To access the PPS document follow these steps:

Using the link provided below, go to the Academic Affairs web site and click on Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statements under Helpful links.  Scroll down to 7.03.  The attachments are listed below 7.03 (word/pdf).

  • Attachment A (Nomination/Re-nomination Form for Graduate Faculty)
  • Attachment B (Appointment Justification For Graduate Faculty Not Possessing A Terminal Degree To Teach A Graduate Course(s) Or Serve on a Master’s Committee)

To access PPS 7.03 along with the attachments, please click